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You have made the right choice for your physical therapy needs. Our purpose is to bring you 360 degrees - "full circle" from a state of injury to achieving your maximum potential - getting you back on your feet, doing the things you love.

We will utilize a multitude of techniques to help your physical capabilities reach the best potential. We will incorporate a cardiovascular program as the basic building block for establishing a good blood supply - helping your tissues heal faster. Then we will incorporate various treatment modalities -such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice, manual therapies -in concert with developing a home program that you can do independently when physical therapy care is no longer needed. We will teach you how to look at the different signs and symptoms of the stages of tissue healing, to allow you to /self monitor flare-ups in the future. We will teach you preventative tips you can use to help you avoid potential re-aggravations or re-injuries.

We welcome you to 360 Physical Therapy and appreciate your support. Please let us know at any point of your rehab (preferably at the beginning) how we can best be of service to you.

360 Physical Therapy

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